What are Vision, Mission, Strategy Statements

You need a playbook

Do you need these statements? YES!

It seems that there are new buzzwords every week. Most are marketing ploys; change the name to make it new. Vision, mission, and strategy statements help all levels of an organization. The trick is to be sure everyone understands how they fit together and that is where there can be a lot of confusion.

A simple exercise you can do with your team is to have everyone white down what they believe the Vision, Mission, and Strategy or your business is.  You will likely be surprised by the variations!  More importantly these differences can point to a critical threat to your project;  not everyone understands the company’s purpose or plans for achieving its goals.  It is vital for leadership to be in sync on these goals to drive the project to successful completion.  We can help you articulate and disseminate your vision, mission and strategy so that each member of your company is working to realize these goals through decisions metrics and activities.

If you already know why your business exists, its goals and its tactics, then you can write these in 30 minutes. Have each of your executives and team leads write your vision, mission, and strategy statements. The variations will surprise you. Therein lies the beginning of poor project execution. Not everyone understands the company’s purpose or plans for achieving its goals.

If your vision, mission, and strategy are words echoed in the hallowed halls without each member of the company resonating them through decisions, metrics, and activities, we can help.

What is a Company Vision?

Your company vision outlines where your company is heading and what values are important. It states the company’s purpose with a focus on the future and what the organization seeks to achieve.

The Vision of vCIO is to spread the knowledge, expertise, and drive of corporate executives to companies that lack the ability to attract and retain them. We thrive on challenges and building the ultimate solution.

You should seldom update your vision statement; it is the company’s foundation and is based on core values. Core values remain constant regardless of the current climate, profit, or sales.

Core values are defined in the vision statement. Values are concise and there are no more than five. These values are at the heart of the organization and are followed in all decision making.

What is a Company Mission?

The mission goes beyond the vision. It expresses the vision in practical terms using goal-oriented language. It includes measurable objectives. Each person in your company can determine whether actions will help achieve the company’s mission. The mission statement may change over time.

The Mission of vCIO is to help our customers increase profits through process and system improvements.

Mission statements are generally internal to the company. Executives, staff, and stockholders keep the mission statement in mind when making decisions. Like the mission, it should also be short.

What is a Company Strategy?

Your company strategy is the next and final step. Completing your vision and mission are critical before approaching strategy. How would you plan a strategy without either?

A good practice is to create a list of objectives and use those as a basis for your strategies. Your strategy should include short- and long-term goals and explain how to achieve each. Keep it focused on the present and the action required to progress toward the mission. Your strategies will change and update as company needs and business conditions change.

vCIO engages companies throughout their lifecycles and provides access to successful executives on a short-term basis. We provide our customers with access to some of the most motivated, experienced professionals available without the long-term cost burden. Our goal is to fix it, refine it, and support it at a lower price point.

Your vCIO is part-time executive addition that provides strategy and implementation through a holistic view of your organization.
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