vCIO Startup

vCIO Startup

You know that IT is important, its not just email, calendars and Quickbooks anymore, but where do you begin?  What do you pay? What should you expect?  These questions can mean big investments for your company and while a seasoned IT professional being added to your staff seems tempting, do you really need one?

Our vCIO Startup service is designed to help you answer the question above and support you build out the functions and positions you need for growth.  Our experience negotiating with hardware, software and cloud vendors will assure you of getting a great price, but sometimes more importantly ensuring that you are setup to take advantage of the things you do buy.

We recognize that every dollar spent needs to be connected to your investment goals, be they revenue growth, expense reduction or risk management, we are here to help you navigate.

Vendor Management

A few common examples of Vendor management that we have helped companies deal with: – Not just a CRM anymore, there are many hidden features and functions that help yo offset the costs of this sales and service automation tool.  Negotiating the right features price and schedules is critical to ensuring you get the greatest bang for your dollar.

Email Marketing – There are so many platforms to select, which one is right for you depends on your marketing and sales.  Do you have the talent and staff available to manage your email campaigns effectively?  Are you looking at every channel and following up with leads in a timely fashion?  There is nothing worse than getting leads, likes, clicks and so on if you are not prepared to follow up in person and close the sale.


While many companies track revenue, expenses, receivables etc. tying these all together to get a complete view of the health of your pipeline, performance, and operational improvements is critical to companies no matter how big or small.   Our variety of tools and templates can help you to make the most of what you know today and prepare for what you will need to know to take advantage of your structured growth.  What percentage of your budget should you allocate to marketing, sales, operations etc. depends on a number of factors, once we help you with them you can easily benchmark yourself against your peers to ensure you are investing in the right place and receiving the right return

Plan for Growth

Many companies today are looking to take advantage of their differentiation and opportunities to diversify or simply grow their bottom line.  Growth is often an attractive possibility, with growth comes challenges and opportunities, the critical facets to manage are ensuring that you do not buy ahead of the resources you need or buy behind a critical business impact.  Our experience and knowledge in this area can help you avoid costly mistakes.

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