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The vCIO Process

Our no-nonsense approach to business and technology will refresh your faith that ROI is not just three letters.

Visualize the Problem

You and vCIO will map your existing business needs and future vision so we can create a solid foundation for discussion. We then review your high-level processes so we can determine where change can provide the best return on investment. You need a well-defined problem or opportunity before you can make informed decisions.

Consider Existing and New Solutions

You may not need to replace technology, only understand what is possible, better define the processes, and make full use of what you already own. Many companies only use a small portion of existing technology capabilities. If you need new technology, we will help you understand which features are needed and not just shiny.

Implement with ROI in Mind

Most projects have many components. We help you define dependencies and an order of events that give you the best return on investment. That great new revenue idea might 3x your revenue but be sure your people and systems can still provide the customer experience that supports long-term stability. Increasing your revenue for one year while destroying your company’s reputation is simply a bad idea.

Observe Results Through Defined Metrics

A project is just extra work and expense unless you can measure its success or failure. No one has perfect information so incorrect choices will happen. That makes measurement critical. You need to know if a project is successful so you can continue and improve on it, change direction, or simply shut it down.

Your vCIO is part-time executive addition that provides strategy and implementation through a holistic view of your organization.
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