The vCIO Method

Your business has its own culture, goals, expertise, and timelines. Our job is to help you select the best frameworks and tools to best optimize and grow your business. The vCIO Method is a high-level system to ensure all efforts are in alignment with your business goals.

Visualize the problem

We help you map your existing processes so you can determine where change can provide the best return on investment. You need a well-defined problem or opportunity before you can make informed decisions.

Consider existing and new solutions

Many companies only use a small portion of existing technology capabilities.  You may not need to replace a technology, but instead leverage processes to make better use of what you already have.  If you need new technology, we will help you identify those products which will best fit your needs.

Implement with ROI in mind

Most projects have many components. We help you define dependencies and an order of events that give you the best return on investment. While ensuring your people and systems can still provide the customer experience that supports longer-term stability.

Observe results through defined metrics

Frequent precise measurement is critical to the success of any project.   We provide metrics and analysis that enable stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding the progress of the project, whether to continue, make imporovements, or change direction.

Your vCIO is part-time executive addition that provides strategy and implementation through a holistic view of your organization.
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