When Old Meets New

When Old Meets New

“We Grew a single line of business from 2 million annualized to 12 million annualized in 8 weeks!”

30 year old Dental Manufacturer and Laboratory with more than 2000 SKU’s and made to order components. ERP (PRMS) and call center lacks real metrics to assist with process improvement, customer satisfaction and modern communications. IT spend of 750K per year in support and 3 full time developers We began with a process evaluation and uncovered multiple compliance issues, from Credit Card handling, Separation of Duties, Data stewardship and other sensitive information. Integrated Salesforce.com onto existing ERP to minimize disruption to manufacturing processes and staff. Implemented Customer support systems on Salesforce.com integrating Laboratory Technicians, Customer Service, Finance and Training teams reducing call times, and increasing customer satisfaction with One Call solution to solve your call the first time.

Further we built out an online community to support Direct To Cconsumer effort integrating third party call center (Live Ops), digital marketing campaigns, Training and referral systems, created online systems to support digital transfers and feedback on designs into manufacturing Queues for 3D printing, 6 axis milling and invest press techniques. Designed new 3d modeling software to optimize the process and increase production reduce turnaround times and reduce errors and failures. We grew single line of business from 2 million annualized to 12 million annualized in 8 weeks. Reduced company size and locations from over 300,000 square feet into an 85000 sf mixed use building consolidating locations and implementing lean processes throughout design and implementation. Pioneered cutting edge open floor concept and configurable assembly lines. Improvement on employee satisfaction, reduction in turnover and ultimately sold business.

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